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Topscom Technology Co.,Limited

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Company Information

Twenty Years Of Electronic products Turnkey Original equipment manufacturer / ODM, Electronic Contract Manufacturing(known as ECM) and PCB Board Assy Solutions — China Topscom

Topscom is a major Electronics Manufacturing Services (referred to as EMS) provider aimed at delivering revolutionary design and manufacture services to auto, manufacturing, health-related, prospects, telecom, and hi-tech enterprises. With financial year 2013 gross income of 360 , 000, 000 Dollars, Topscom assists consumers design and layout, construct, delivery, and electronics which presents buyers with overall design, engineering, and fabricating resources which are vertically incorporated with elements to optimise their operations by reducing their fees and decreasing the period to markets.

Topscom will provide an vast assortment of fabricating, engineering and machining services, which include in-house highly accurate SMT mount, plastic injection casting, high volume metal stamping, die-casting and tailor made fabricating.

Full-furnished Departments

Our diverse departments are aimed to offer an huge range of manufacturing, engineering and machining services:
Our SMT functions cover 0201, lead-Free and flip-chip techniques.
Our plastic injection molding team is aligned with cutting-edge devices in white room and cold water cooling system. A unique production line is moreover created to detract and slice the material grain.
Our metal stamping division features CNC process center, silk machines and drilling devices from Japan and Taiwan.
In our mold tooling division, we utilize Pro-Engineer pro software application for productive design assistance. Making use of EROWA grips, we can easily keep control of the accuracy and reliability less than 3 ums.
To stay quality control system efficient, we persistently measure our test flow tables. We preserve purchasing office buildings in Tokyo, Japan, Singapore and also Hong Kong managed by our core materials warehouse in Shenzhen.

Our manufacturing unit is located in Shenzhen, China with a total place of 200,Thousand sqms and about 4,000 team members. We truly rely upon the value of our team and prefer to maintain a specialized perspective and company tradition that really encourages creativeness and boasts job achievement.

The administration draws attentions to persistent training, open communication, teamwork and involvement in decision-making process.

With great experience with participating with high-tech firms and varied clients in wide product range, we’re hugely sure to present amazing services, high suppleness, economical fab solutions and on time delivery for our buyers.

Our prime clients list internationally: Rda (Australia) , Bestdl (Belgium), Sqp (France), Destst, Metro (Israel), Aji, Fujitsu, Sony (Japan), Dgsb (Malaysia), Rdi (Netherlands), Mlcroalp(Singapore), Inventron, Tempel (Spain), Imc (Great britain), Cisco (U. S.).


Connect with US

Tel: +86-755-22211988
Electronic mail: frankwu@topscom.com.cn
Mobile phone :+86 13502814037
Address: No.18, Tannan Rd,Tanjia Industrial Village,Gongming Street,Shenzhen City, China.

Hong Kong Business office:

Address : First Building Weigan Center JiuLong HK
Inbox: ivy.ko@topscom.com.cn( Ms.Ivy Ko)


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