International Producer Network for PCB Prototyping and Small-quantity PCB Mfg Orders

International Producer Network for PCB Prototyping and Small-quantity PCB Mfg Needs


ALLPCB Network

ALLPCB is the very first overseas internet based platform with PCB prototyping and small-run PCB mfg services.
From the year 2013, ALLPCB has long been working hard to make available the most economic PCB fabrication service and present international SMEs with complete PCB design process and tech support from “Prototype to Production”. In order to reach a fast reaction to customers’ requires, we now have created a potent service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, client service and rapid reaction to difficulties outcome our top notch position in PCB field.

ALLPCB has access to unique resources in several facets:

1. PCB manufacturers

Above One hundred China-based PCB producers have came into ALLPCB producer system, offering up 1 – 30 layers boards for PCB Prototyping and Low-quantity PCB manufacture. They include things like multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The quickest leading time could be within One day. All the PCB manufacturer members have passed our tight on-spot audit by qualified auditors concerning the environment, equipments, materials, certificates and management. All the audit information are open and clear on-line, ensuring that the manufacture capability genuineness of each PCB manufacturer.

2. Components

ALLPCB works with around 30 known parts distributors, presenting about 5 , 000, 000 electronic components available. At the least 95% orders placed can be assured to be delivered within a day.

3. PCB’A

ALLPCB works in concert with more than 10 PCBA manufacturers with the ability of prototype and low-quantity manufacture in 2 To 3 days. Additionally, the pass rate of finished products extends to 99.9%.
ALLPCB shows a highly potent team with 100+ client support members and engineers . We provide you with 24/7 consumer support for multinational customers thru e-mail message, telephone number and live chat.
“Produced in China, Loved among the world” is the aim of ALLPCB at this point. ALLPCB will definitely attempt to realize the change from”Manufactured in China” to”Manufactured in the world”, making the advancement of worldwide SMEs far easier and bringing the folks considerably better living by making use of science!

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