SMT PCB Assembly

Video above is a part of electronics assembly process in my factory,

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Pro circuit card assembly service made available by circuit card makers

circuit card makers

Benefits of specialist circuit card assembly

For those who are thinking about conducting the circuit card assembly in-house at a professional level you are shortly going to learn the original investment cost is quite high. You must have not less than: one pick and place equipment, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. Probably you likewise want other relevant gear for inspection work and hand soldering gear. You will probably need manpower and expertise which could expand the investment cost a great deal. And lastly when you notice there is little or no ROI from such type of financial investment you will instantly intend to contract out the circuit card assembly service. Normally, delegating the circuit card assembly service to an third-party provider ought to be less costly.

Then there’s the aspect of quality; a company devoted to circuit card assembly services should have the specialist knowledge and employees to make available top quality. They will also put money into their development by always having the latest technology making sure that the buyer gets all of the benefits from the cutting edge assembly technologies. It’s probable that you’ll hit a equipment related constraint doing in-house assembly if you cannot up-grade the equipment regularly, one example is, you might end-up in a scenario in which you aren’t able to dependably assembly the latest BGA package for a completely new processor.

There is also the element of quality control. A trustworthy circuit card assembly facility will also have a pretty good founded quality control service that you can make use of by not needing to do the quality control in-house. Certainly, you would like to do an extra quality control procedure in-house but it’s great to know at any rate the pcb’s are all running effectively when they go out of the assembly facility.

Down sides of certified circuit card assembly

A good reason you don’t need to delegate the assembly of your project is to take care of intellectual property. For everybody who is working on some top secret project or the most recent concept that will revolutionize something, it is advisable to keep that as secret as possible so in that case you can do the circuit card assembly in-house.

Additionally, there are cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is vital so you may not afford to wait one week for your circuit card to come back from a certified assembly line. Well then it might make more sense to do the assembly internally.

Expenditure is definitely a significant reason you do not desire to go with a professional circuit card assembly facility, especially for small enterprises or fans. Expenditures for circuit card assembly services have minimized significantly in the last few years so this really is less of an issue at the moment yet still you won’t see lots of individuals sending their one off hobby projects to a circuit card assembly facility.

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