Assembly Line Production

This short video of one of our assembly lines is an example of Thermtrol’s lean manufacturing processes and quality standards that are in place every step of the way. From the start with the Push-Click-Pull test jigs, to the Poka-Yoke assembly test fixtures, to the finishing continuity test ensuring that every circuit is 100% tested on the line.


Specialized PCB board assembly service made available by PCB board suppliers

PCB board suppliers

Primary advantages of experienced PCB board assembly

If you are pondering accomplishing the PCB board assembly in-house at a professional level you’re quickly going to see the initial investment expense is extremely high. You may need at a minimum: one pick and place equipment, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. Most likely you would also like other relevant devices for inspection work and hand soldering gear. Furthermore, you will need manpower and expertise which will raise the investment cost a lot. Last of all when you consider there’s not much ROI from this form of expenditure you will soon choose to use outside agencies for the PCB board assembly service. Generally assigning the PCB board assembly service to an outside company should be cheaper.

Plus there is the part of quality; a company centered on PCB board assembly services will have the expertise and labourforce to present high quality. They will also commit to their development by consistently having the most innovative technology with the intention that the customer gets all of the advantages of the brand-new assembly technologies. It’s quite possible that you will hit a equipment related limitation doing in-house assembly if you do not up-grade the equipment frequently, e. g., you might end-up in a condition in which you simply cannot dependably assembly the new BGA package for a emerging processor.

There is also the facet of quality control. A respected PCB board assembly shop may also have an exceptional founded quality control service that you can make use of by not being required to do the quality control in-house. Certain, you might like to do one more quality control process in-house but it is great to know at least the pcb’s are all working properly when they get away from the assembly line.

Disadvantages of expert PCB board assembly

A good reason you do not need to contract out the assembly of your project is to take care of intellectual property. In the event you are focusing on some mystery project or the latest concept that will transform something, you’ll want to keep that as confidential as possible so in this case you would possibly do the PCB board assembly in-house.

You can also find cases when the turn-around time of a prototype ‘s very important so you may not afford to wait one week for your PCB board to go back from a expert assembly line. Therefore it may make more sense to conduct the assembly in-house.

Expenditure is likewise a pretty important reason you will possibly not want to go with a professional PCB board assembly house, especially for small businesses or fans. Prices for PCB board assembly services have dropped a great deal in the last couple of years and so this really is less of an issue right now but nevertheless you won’t see a ton of individuals sending their one-time hobby projects to a PCB board assembly house.

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