How to make a Motherboard – A GIGABYTE Factory Tour Video

The motherboard in this video are part of the Ultra Durable series. Our current Z170 recommended motherboard from this series is the Z170 UD5 :

Check out our remastered version with a native english speaker :

[EN] Xyala and Trouffman explain how to make a motherboard from A to Z. This video shows exclusive footage on the production line of the GIGABYTE Factory in Nan-Ping, Taiwan. The process is similar for all manufacturers, but GIGABYTE is the only motherboard maker who still manufactures in Taiwan.

[FR] Xyala et Trouffman vous expliquerons comment fabriquer une carte mère de A à Z, la video montre des videos exclusives de la ligne de production de l’usine GIGABYTE à Nan-Ping. Le procédé est similaire pour tout les constructeurs.

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More than 200K views : here are some pictures from the tour and the back story about this video :

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