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Pro PCB board assembly service provided by PCB board suppliers

PCB board suppliers

Benefits of experienced PCB board assembly

If you are contemplating carrying out the PCB board assembly in-house at a professional level you are shortly going to know the original investment expenditure is quite high. You will need at the least: one pick and place device, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You most likely also want various other gear for inspection work and hand soldering tools. Furthermore, you will need manpower and expertise which will expand the investment cost significantly. And lastly when you consider there is little or no ROI from this kind of investment you certainly will rapidly plan to outsource the PCB board assembly service. Quite often outsourcing the PCB board assembly service to an third-party supplier ought to be more affordable.

Then there is the aspect of quality; an enterprise devoted to PCB board assembly services should have the knowledge and manpower to supply fine quality. They will also invest in their development by continuously having the most innovative technology making sure that the purchaser gets all the advantages of the completely new assembly technologies. It’s quite possible that you’ll hit a equipment related issue doing in-house assembly if you fail to upgrade the devices routinely, to illustrate, you might end-up in a predicament where you aren’t able to efficiently assembly the latest BGA package for a completely new processor.

There’s also the aspect of quality control. A professional PCB board assembly shop can also get a powerful established quality control service that you could take advantage of by not having to do the quality control in-house. For sure, you may need to do an extra quality control step in-house but it’s good to know at least the pcb’s are all performing in the right way when they step out of the assembly facility.

Drawbacks of qualified PCB board assembly

One good reason you wouldn’t like to delegate the assembly of your project is to guard intellectual property. For those who are engaged on some confidential project or the newest idea that will reinvent something, it is advisable to keep that as secret as possible so in that case you would possibly do the PCB board assembly in-house.

Also, there are cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is important so you can not afford to wait one week for your PCB board to come back from a qualified assembly line. Well then it might make more sense to conduct the assembly on-site.

Cost is also an essential cause you may not desire to go with a professional PCB board assembly facility, specifically for smaller businesses or fans. Charges for PCB board assembly services have decreased a great deal in the past several years hence it’s less of an issue today nevertheless you may not see loads of people sending their one off hobby projects to a PCB board assembly facility.

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