Mounting PCBs? Do it a smarter way – P2F example of application video

P2F – Push to Fix – Fixing element for mounting PCBs.

Push-in fixing can be performed manually — with or without assembly tools. There is a choice of mechanical, pneumatic or electrical tools for this purpose. Integration into a fully automatic luminaire assembly process using ADS represents the highest
application level.

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Professional PCB assembly service made available by PCB manufacturers

PCB manufacturers

Greatest things about professional PCB assembly

When you are making plans for performing the PCB assembly in-house at a professional level you’re easily going to discover the actual investment cost is extremely high. You absolutely need a minimum of: one pick and place equipment, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You most likely also want other similar devices for inspection work and hand soldering gear. You may also need manpower and expertise that will elevate the investment cost notably. Last of all when you consider there’s not much ROI from this sort of financial commitment you will definitely instantly tend to outsource the PCB assembly service. In most situations entrusting the PCB assembly task to an exterior corporation ought to be more cost effective.

Then there is the part of quality; a firm dedicated to PCB assembly services will have the knowledge and manpower to provide superior quality. They will also commit to their development by continuously having the latest technology to ensure that the client gets all of the advantages from the emerging assembly technologies. It is likely that you’ll hit a equipment related constraint doing in-house assembly if you do not up-grade the devices regularly, e. g., you might end-up in a scenario where you can’t dependably assembly the most recent BGA package for a new processor.

There is also the element of quality control. A reliable PCB assembly house will also have a solid established quality control service you may possibly reap the benefits of by not being required to do the quality control in-house. Obviously, you may need to do an additional quality control step in-house but it is good to know at least the pcb’s are all doing work appropriately when they go out of the assembly line.

Problems of qualified PCB assembly

A good reason you wouldn’t want to delegate the assembly of your project is to provide protection to IP. In case you’re engaged on some top secret project or the latest concept that will transform something, you might need to keep that as discreet as possible so in that case you could do the PCB assembly in house.

Additionally, there are cases when the turnaround time of a prototype is really important so you may not afford to wait one week for your PCB to send back from a qualified assembly line. If that’s the case it may be preferable to carry out the assembly in-house.

Cost is also a vital cause you might not wish to go with a professional PCB assembly factory, especially for small companies or collectors. Charges for PCB assembly services have diminished significantly in the last several years so this is less of an issue lately yet still you’ll not see loads of people sending their one-time hobby projects to a PCB assembly factory.

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