Barcode Industrial Automation Identification Matrix 410™ Datalogic

Matrix 410™ is the modular, flexible and versatile compact bar code 2D reader for industrial applications embedding 1.3 and 2.0 megapixel sensors. Matrix 410™ features excellent performances in reading and verifying, easy setup, thanks to the X-PRESS™ interface and patented Blue Diamonds™ system, ease of use, extreme flexibility, high versatility and industrial strength.
Features & Benefits

Modular design
1.3 Mpx (1280 x 1024) @ 27 FPS CMOS sensor
2Mpx (1600 x 1200) @ 15 FPS CCD sensor
C-Mount lens
Red and white LED illuminators
Pointing system & Good read spot
Linear and 2D Symbologies
DPM code reading
Code Quality verification


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

DPM reading and verification
Tire Sorting
PCB assembly process
Electronic product tracking
Medical device traceability
Food & Beverage


Pro circuit board assembly service provided by circuit board makers

circuit board makers

Good things about expert circuit board assembly

For anyone who is thinking of performing the circuit board assembly in-house at a professional level you are rapidly going to discover the first investment expenditure is quite high. You must have at the least: one pick and place device, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You most likely in addition want other similar equipment for inspection work and hand soldering gear. Additionally, you’ll need workforce and expertise which could raise the investment cost significantly. Last of all when you consider there’s not much ROI from this kind of investment you will promptly want to use outsourcing for the circuit board assembly service. More often than not contracting out the circuit board assembly service to an outside corporation should be less expensive.

Plus there is the aspect of quality; a company devoted to circuit board assembly services will have the specialist knowledge and manpower to make available good quality. They will also invest in their development by continually having the most innovative technology in order that the client gets all the advantages of the emerging assembly technologies. There’s every chance that you’ll hit a equipment related issue doing in-house assembly if you can not up-grade the devices on a regular basis, for instance, you might end-up in a condition in which you aren’t able to successfully assembly the new BGA package for a completely new processor.

There’s also the aspect of quality control. A credible circuit board assembly shop will also have a quality well-established quality control service that you may possibly make use of by not having to do the quality control in-house. Certain, you’ll want to do another quality control procedure in-house but it is good to know at least the pcb’s are all doing the job effectively when they walk out of the assembly facility.

Potential problems of specialized circuit board assembly

One good reason you will not want to use outside agencies for the assembly of your project is to guard intellectual property. When you are engaged on some mystery project or the latest concept that will revolutionize something, make sure you keep that as secret as possible so in such cases you could possibly do the circuit board assembly in house.

In addition there are cases when the turnaround time of a prototype ‘s very important so you can not afford to wait one week for your circuit board to return from a specialized assembly line. If that’s the case it might be preferable to conduct the assembly in house.

Expenditure is also an important reason you may not want to pick a professional circuit board assembly facility, specifically for small businesses or lovers. Charges for circuit board assembly services have reduced significantly in the past couple of years therefore it is less of an issue today but nevertheless you will not see many buyers sending their one-time hobby projects to a circuit board assembly facility.

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