Electronics Contract Manufacture Service Provider in Carson, CA – PCB Assembly


Electronics Contract Manufacture Service Provider


Acme PCB assembly is located in Carson, California. 16,000 square feet is not a big contract manufacturer, but we have the best equipment (Fuji assembly line) to maintain our good quality with lower assembly cost. We are more flexible to meet customer’s requirement. Lead-Free (Pb-Free) soldering ready since Year 2005. RoHS compliant (Lead-Free) assembly for Tin Whiskers.

Electronics Contract Manufacture Service Provider


Experienced circuit card assembly service presented by circuit card makers

circuit card makers

Benefits associated with certified circuit card assembly

When you are making plans for accomplishing the circuit card assembly in-house at a professional level you’re rapidly going to realize the actual investment expense is very high. You will require at the very least: one pick and place equipment, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. Probably you likewise want other similar equipment for examination work and hand soldering tools. Furthermore, you will need labor force and expertise which will expand the investment cost a great deal. And then finally when you take into account there’s not much ROI from such type of expenditure of money you’ll swiftly intend to outsource the circuit card assembly service. Generally speaking delegating the circuit card assembly service to an third-party firm is mostly more affordable.

Then there is the facet of quality; an enterprise focused upon circuit card assembly services will have the experience and manpower to deliver superior quality. They’ll also invest in their development by always having the most advanced technology so as the customer gets all of the benefits from the emerging assembly technologies. It’s probably that you will hit a equipment related constraint doing in-house assembly if you do not up-grade the devices regularly, e. g., you might end-up in a predicament in which you cannot dependably assembly the most recent BGA package for a emerging processor.

Additionally there is the facet of quality control. A respectable circuit card assembly house will also gain a strong confirmed quality control service you could possibly really benefit from by not being required to do the quality control in-house. Of course, you’ll want to do one more quality control measure in-house but it’s great to know at any rate the pcb’s are all doing work effectively when they go out of the assembly line.

Shortcomings of certified circuit card assembly

A good reason you don’t wish to contract out the assembly of your project is to protect IP. For anybody who is doing some secret project or the newest idea that will transform something, it is advisable to keep that as secret as possible so in that case you could do the circuit card assembly on-site.

There are also cases when the turnaround time of a prototype is really important so you might not afford to wait a week for your circuit card to send back from a certified assembly line. Well then it might make more sense to do the assembly in-house.

Cost is definitely a crucial reason you might not plan to go with a professional circuit card assembly house, especially for small establishments or collectors. Expenditures for circuit card assembly services have minimized considerably in the last couple of years therefore this is less of an issue currently but nevertheless you may not see a ton of people sending their one off hobby projects to a circuit card assembly house.

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