LPKF ZelFlex Clamping Frame for Solder Paste Stencils

The LPKF ZelFlex Z4P is a pneumatic 4-sided high-speed clamping frame for stencils. More information: http://www.lpkf.com/products/rapid-pcb-prototyping/smd-assembly/quick-release-frames/zelflex-z4p.htm?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_term=solder-paste-stencils&utm_content=video&utm_campaign=zelflex-z4p

LPKF ZelFlex is suitable for nearly all SMD printing machines. It provides direct assembly of the stencils within the frame and can be used in an LPKF printing machine like the LPKF ProtoPrint and enables fast and simple exchange of stencils without gluing, simple handling, cleaning and storage of the stencils.

In a typical SMT assembly line stencil printer several pick & place reflow oven and optical or automated test systems are included. Quality and cost reduction are primary goals of today’s circuit board producers and buyers. Precise space deposition is a key-issue for achieving low defective rates.

With the selection of the LPKF ZelFlex Z4P tension frame your production cost will be additionally reduced while your flexibility and quality will be increased. Only a few steps are required to exchange a foil:

Release the air from the system using the air supply connector. Unlock and remove protection bars from the frame. Take the old stencil off, position the new stencil on the pins. Fix the stencils with protection bars, apply compressed air, wait for a few seconds and the LPKF ZelFlex frame is ready for a new printing process.

The LPKF ZelFlex four-sided pneumatic tensioning frame provides: simple and rapid foil exchange, repeatable perfect four-sided tensioning and cost reduction. Achieving even and high tensioning is the result of our unique patented design.

With years of experience in SMT printing and the production of mechanical frame behind us, our goal was to develop an entirely new product which eliminated all known disadvantages of tensioning frames currently available.

Straight forward engineering ensures reliable and easy use. The functioning of the frame is very simple and therefore reliable. Compressed air is supplied into a flexible tube and distributed to all four sides. As the air pressure rises, the tube expands and it moves all four tensioning bars apart simultaneously.

With an advanced perforation and tensioning bar design optimal pressure distribution is guaranteed. The patented ZelFlex perforation layout can be reproduced roayalty-free. Rigid aluminum profile tensioning and protection bars are specifically designed for this application.

All parts are designed and produced using CAD/CAM systems. Precision machining guarantees consistent high quality production. Each frame is individually assembled and tested to ensure a very high standard. Our implemented procedures have gained us ISO 9001 accreditation.

The LPKF ZelFlex Z4P is produced in various dimensions to fit your printing machine and allows optimization to the required printing area. Optional adapters provide further flexibility. Special options are also available, such as a built-in gage which indicates air pressure within the frame.

The LPKF ZelFlex Z4P comes with many benefits. Lower production costs. Only one frame is necessary. The same frame can be used for multiple projects. The foil is clamped directly into the frame without the need for glue. No need to buy new frames or recycling old ones. Less storage space is required. Only frameless foils are archived.

Quick changeover time. Stencils can be changed within 1 minute. Washing of stencil is simplified: Only the stencil is washed. Elimination of glue and cleaning agent compatibility problems. Your production quality will be improved, stencil held in equally distributed tension.

Repeatable tension levels without the risk of long term tension level decay. Reduced risk of damage while stencils are archived. Print area of ZelFlex foils is larger than with meshed frames. Some additional advantages of the ZelFlex Z4P. Air pressure can be adjusted to suit foil thickness. Once the foil is held in tension, the air supply is disconnected. No special docking station is required to change stencils.

Exchanging foils is quick and easy. And last but not least, using the LPKF ZelFlex frame is also friendly to the environment: no need for glues and lacquers, reduced use of cleaning solvents.

Download the entire PCB Protoyping product catalog: http://www.lpkf.com/landing/rapid-pcb-prototyping/catalog.htm?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_term=Catalog&utm_content=video&utm_campaign=pcb-prototyping


Specialist PWB assembly service provided by PWB suppliers

PWB suppliers

Good things about experienced PWB assembly

In case you’re thinking of performing the PWB assembly in-house at a professional level you are shortly going to recognize the actual investment cost is extremely high. You’ll require no less than: one pick and place device, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You probably would also like other relevant equipment for examination work and hand soldering tools. You will additionally need manpower and expertise which could raise the investment cost greatly. And then when you think about there’s not much ROI from such type of financial commitment you certainly will instantly make a decision to contract out the PWB assembly service. Most often outsourcing the PWB assembly work to an outward corporation should be easier on the wallet.

Plus there is the element of quality; a firm dedicated to PWB assembly services will have the working experience and workforce to make available high quality. They’ll also put money into their development by continuously having the most innovative technology in order that the consumer gets all the advantages from the latest assembly technologies. You may find that you will hit a equipment related issue doing in-house assembly if you can’t up-grade the devices frequently, as an example, you might end-up in a condition where you can not dependably assembly the most up-to-date BGA package for a new processor.

Additionally, there is the element of quality control. A respected PWB assembly shop may also have an effective well-established quality control service that you may possibly make the most of by not being forced to do the quality control in-house. Yes, you might want to do an extra quality control step in-house but it’s great to know at any rate the pcb’s are all doing the job properly when they get out of the assembly line.

Disadvantages of experienced PWB assembly

One good reason you wouldn’t want to use outsourcing for the assembly of your project is to look after IP. When you are engaged on some mystery project or the newest idea that will revolutionize something, you have to keep that as secret as possible so in that case you would possibly do the PWB assembly internally.

Additionally, there are cases when the turnaround time of a prototype is very important so you may not afford to wait a week for your PWB to send back from a experienced assembly line. If that’s the case it might be preferable to conduct the assembly in-house.

Charges are also a very important reason you may possibly not desire to pick a professional PWB assembly house, particularly for small businesses or enthusiasts. Expenditures for PWB assembly services have lessened noticeably in the past few years hence this really is less of an issue lately but nevertheless you’ll not see tons of individuals sending their one-time hobby projects to a PWB assembly house.

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