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PCB Assembly

Development of the methods used in the modern printed circuit boards started in the early in the 20th century.
PCB is a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer supplying PCB’s at overseas prices.We specialize in the manufacturing of PCB’s and PCB assembly.We can utilize production ready tooling for larger volumes to save you the repeat tooling costs.We have a control over the PCB Manufacturing,so we can make your orders happen with minimum time.
PCB Assembly
1)Assembly Capabilities
Triode Group Limited ia a leading manufacturer of PCB Assemblies,
providing full turnkey for a single point of contact.

At Triode we understand the importance of rapid prototype PCB assembly is to validate electronic designs and bring new products to the market.

3)Production PCB Assembly
Two automatic Surface Mount Assembly lines are with capacity greater than 32,000 components per hour.
Aim is Triode is your partner to move your products into mass production.
To maintain quality manual assembly,our through hole assemblers work accurately and efficiently.
5)RoHS Lead Free Assembly

Electronic product assembly requires a quality production facility and a many range of capabilities.
1)Box Build Assemblies
triode performs a complete mechanical and box build assembly for all electronic products.
Triode Group Limited provides a complete product supply solutions to our customers.
Assembly & Packaging Benefits are :
No minimum order quantity
High quality production
All manufacturing under in 1 company.
Full turnkey or consignment.

2)Product testing
3)Functional Testing
4)Cable & Harness Assembly
5)Final Packaging
1)Full & Partial Turnkey
2)Consignment Services
3)Component Sourcing
4)Quick-Turn Procurement
5)Customer Inventory Login
TRIODE GROUP LIMITED purchases the business products of Precision Manufacturing Solutions Ltd


Expert PCB board assembly service provided by PCB board producers

PCB board producers

Best things about qualified PCB board assembly

When you are considering accomplishing the PCB board assembly in-house at a professional level you are shortly going to find out the initial investment expense is very high. You will require at the least: one pick and place machine, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You may likewise want other similar hardware for examination work and hand soldering tools. You’ll need manpower and expertise that can increase the amount of investment cost somewhat. And finally when you consider there’s little or no ROI from this form of investment you’ll speedily plan to contract out the PCB board assembly service. Quite often entrusting the PCB board assembly service to an outward company is mostly less expensive.

Then there is the facet of quality; an enterprise specialized in PCB board assembly services will have the practical knowledge and work force to supply excellent quality. They’ll also spend money on their development by consistently having the latest technology making sure that the buyer gets all of the advantages from the new assembly technologies. There’s every chance that you’ll hit a equipment related constraint doing in-house assembly if you cannot upgrade the devices routinely, one example is, you might end-up in a condition where you simply cannot reliably assembly the most current BGA package for a fresh processor.

There’s also the aspect of quality control. An established PCB board assembly facility will also have an effective confirmed quality control service which you might really benefit from by not needing to do the quality control in-house. Of course, you might want to do an extra quality control step in-house but it’s great to know at least the pcb’s are all performing the right way when they get away from the assembly facility.

Cons of pro PCB board assembly

One good reason you wouldn’t like to contract out the assembly of your project is to guard intellectual property. If you are focusing on some confidential project or the most innovative idea that will revolutionize something, you need to definitely keep that as secret as possible so in that case you could possibly do the PCB board assembly in house.

Also, there are cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is important so you can not afford to wait one week for your PCB board to come back from a pro assembly line. Therefore it may be preferable to conduct the assembly in house.

Charges are also a very important cause you may not want to go with a professional PCB board assembly facility, especially for small establishments or hobbyists. Prices for PCB board assembly services have diminished somewhat during the past couple of years and so this really is less of an issue presently yet still you do not see a ton of buyers sending their one off hobby projects to a PCB board assembly facility.

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