PCB Manufacturing Process

A PCB is used to connect electronic components electrically. This is done by making conductive path ways for circuit connections by etching tracks from copper sheet laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.
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Specialized PCB board assembly service presented by PCB board companies

PCB board companies

Good things about expert PCB board assembly

For anybody who is taking into consideration undertaking the PCB board assembly in-house at a professional level you are shortly going to learn the original investment expense is quite high. You should have not less than: one pick and place device, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You most likely in addition want other relevant gear for inspection work and hand soldering gear. You may also need labourforce and expertise which will expand the investment cost relatively. And finally when you find there’s little or no ROI from this form of investment you will definitely immediately intend to delegate the PCB board assembly service. Usually outsourcing the PCB board assembly process to an exterior supplier ought to be easier on the wallet.

Then there is the part of quality; an enterprise specialized in PCB board assembly services ought to have the working experience and manpower to offer excellent quality. They will also spend money on their development by continuously having the most innovative technology making sure that the customer gets all of the advantages from the spanking new assembly technologies. It is likely that you’ll hit a equipment related limitation doing in-house assembly if you can’t upgrade the equipment on a regular basis, as an example ,, you might end-up in a scenario where you aren’t able to reliably assembly the latest BGA package for a fresh processor.

Additionally, there is the facet of quality control. A dependable PCB board assembly shop can also get a powerful founded quality control service that you could reap the benefits of by not needing to do the quality control in-house. Obviously, you’ll want to do another quality control measure in-house but it is great to know at least the pcb’s are all performing appropriately when they walk out of the assembly plant.

Disadvantages of experienced PCB board assembly

One reason you don’t need to use outsourcing for the assembly of your project is to protect intellectual property. In case you’re working on some top secret project or the newest concept that will change something, make sure you keep that as confidential as possible so in this situation you might do the PCB board assembly in house.

In addition there are cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is a must so you can not afford to wait a week for your PCB board to send back from a experienced assembly line. Well then it might be preferable to carry out the assembly in-house.

Cost is furthermore an important cause you may not prefer to pick a professional PCB board assembly plant, specifically for small enterprises or collectors. Charges for PCB board assembly services have diminished a lot in the last several years consequently this really is less of an issue at present but nevertheless you may not see many individuals sending their one off hobby projects to a PCB board assembly plant.

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