Pick and Place Machine For SMT Electronics PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Circuit Boards

Invention Therapy uses electronics assembly SMT equipment to manufacture many of its products. These innovative pick and place machines can place components as small as a grain of salt onto our circuit board PCBs.

In this video we take delivery of a new PnP machine and try to figure out how to get it to work so we can begin manufacturing more circuit boards.

Pick and place machines are used to assemble modern electronic circuit boards. Some of the parts that this machine can install are no bigger than a grain of sand. Because of their tiny size and the large number of components on most circuit boards, accuracy and speed are important as your business grows. No business wants defective boards or wasted parts so as demand increases we are investing in better equipment. This machine is our third pick and place in the last twelve months so we are growing fast to keep up with demand for the products we invent. You should invest in your own ideas the same way. Grow slowly as demand increases and you should not have to worry about running out of money before the invention idea takes off.

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Specialized electronic circuit board assembly service offered by electronic circuit board producers

electronic circuit board producers

Great things about specialized electronic circuit board assembly

In case you’re contemplating working on the electronic circuit board assembly in-house at a professional level you are shortly going to find out the first investment cost is extremely high. You absolutely need no less than: one pick and place device, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. Probably you in addition want other related equipment for examination work and hand soldering tools. Additionally, you will need manpower and expertise which could raise the investment cost relatively. And then finally when you find there is little or no ROI from such a financial investment you will definitely immediately choose to use outside agencies for the electronic circuit board assembly service. Quite often entrusting the electronic circuit board assembly work to an offsite supplier should be more affordable.

Then there is the facet of quality; a corporation focused on electronic circuit board assembly services will surely have the practical knowledge and manpower to make available good quality. They’ll also invest in their development by consistently having the most advanced technology guaranteeing that the consumer gets all the advantages of the latest assembly technologies. It’s probably that you’ll hit a equipment related limit doing in-house assembly if you cannot up-grade the devices regularly, to illustrate, you might end-up in a situation in which you simply cannot dependably assembly the most current BGA package for a new processor.

There is also the aspect of quality control. An experienced electronic circuit board assembly shop may also get a reliable proven quality control service you may possibly really benefit from by not being required to do the quality control in-house. Absolutely, you might need to do an additional quality control step in-house but it’s great to know at any rate the pcb’s are all doing work in the correct way when they walk out of the assembly house.

Negative aspects of certified electronic circuit board assembly

One good reason you do not need to outsource the assembly of your project is to safeguard intellectual property. If you are focusing on some secret project or the next generation concept that will change something, you might want to keep that as secret as possible so in cases like this you may do the electronic circuit board assembly in house.

There are also cases when the turn-around time of a prototype ‘s very important so you might not afford to wait one week for your electronic circuit board to send back from a certified assembly line. If that’s the case it may be preferable to do the assembly on-site.

Cost is furthermore a crucial reason you do not desire to decide on a professional electronic circuit board assembly house, specifically for smaller businesses or amateurs. Prices for electronic circuit board assembly services have minimized significantly during the past few years and so this really is less of an issue at the moment but you do not see loads of buyers sending their one off hobby projects to a electronic circuit board assembly house.

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