time lapse PCB assembly

Time lapse del montaje de una placa de circuito impreso en el trabajo. Así me entenderéis cuando os hable de mi trabajo. No quedó demasiado bien, habrá que seguir practicando con el programa y con otra cámara, esta no enfoca bien.

La música, la primera que pillé de las que ofrece el editor de youtube de forma gratuita.

He creado este vídeo con el Editor de vídeo de YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor).


Expert circuit board assembly service made available by circuit board makers

circuit board makers

Great things about qualified circuit board assembly

In case you’re thinking of accomplishing the circuit board assembly in-house at a professional level you are soon going to recognize the actual investment cost is very high. You may need at least: one pick and place machine, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. You probably also want various other equipment for inspection work and hand soldering tools. You’ll need manpower and expertise that could raise the investment cost somewhat. Lastly when you think about there is little or no ROI from such a financial commitment you will definitely promptly decide to delegate the circuit board assembly service. In many instances entrusting the circuit board assembly service to an outside enterprise is mostly more affordable.

Then there’s the element of quality; a corporation specialized in circuit board assembly services will have the knowledge and staff to present good quality. They’ll also commit to their development by consistently having the latest technology to ensure the client gets all of the advantages from the brand-new assembly technologies. It’s likely that you’ll hit a equipment related constraint doing in-house assembly if you cannot upgrade the devices often, one example is, you might end-up in a scenario where you can’t successfully assembly the new BGA package for a brand-new processor.

There is also the aspect of quality control. An experienced circuit board assembly shop may also get a pretty good founded quality control service that you could really benefit from by not being required to do the quality control in-house. Absolutely, you might want to do an extra quality control measure in-house but it’s great to know at least the pcb’s are all functioning in the right way when they go out of the assembly line.

Negative aspects of experienced circuit board assembly

One reason you don’t need to use outsourcing for the assembly of your project is to shield IP. When you’re concentrating on some top secret project or the most innovative idea that will transform something, it is advisable to keep that as discreet as possible so in that case you might do the circuit board assembly on-site.

Also, there are cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is a must so you might not afford to wait a week for your circuit board to return from a experienced assembly line. If so it might make more sense to achieve the assembly in-house.

Expense is additionally an important reason you do not plan to pick a professional circuit board assembly factory, specifically for smaller businesses or hobbyists. Prices for circuit board assembly services have decreased a great deal in the last few years so it is less of an issue nowadays but nonetheless you do not see tons of buyers sending their one off hobby projects to a circuit board assembly factory.

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