3DMS- PCB assembly 15/12/2010.mkv

At 3DMS, we have a complete setup for assembly of SMD as well as through hole components with highly competitive pricing and consistent quality.
Geared up for volume SMD production, we have 20000 cph Yamaha pick & place machine, solder reflow oven, and semi-auto printer.


Professional circuit card assembly service presented by circuit card makers

circuit card makers

Good things about specialist circuit card assembly

If you’re considering accomplishing the circuit card assembly in-house at a professional level you’re shortly going to discover the actual investment cost is really large. You absolutely need at the least: one pick and place device, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. Maybe you in addition want other related hardware for examination work and hand soldering instruments. Additionally, you’ll need labourforce and expertise that will expand the investment cost a lot. Finally when you take into account there is little ROI from such type of financial commitment you’ll almost instantly prefer to outsource the circuit card assembly service. In many cases entrusting the circuit card assembly work to an external corporation is mostly cheaper.

Plus there is the aspect of quality; a company focused on circuit card assembly services will clearly have the practical knowledge and labourforce to provide good quality. They will also commit to their development by consistently having the latest technology to make certain that the client gets all of the advantages of the emerging assembly technologies. It’s probable that you’ll hit a equipment related issue doing in-house assembly if you can’t upgrade the equipment on a regular basis, one example is, you might end-up in a condition in which you can not easily assembly the most current BGA package for a completely new processor.

Another possibility is the element of quality control. A good circuit card assembly house may also get a reliable proven quality control service that you may possibly reap the benefits of by not being required to do the quality control in-house. Obviously, you would like to do an extra quality control procedure in-house but it is great to know at least the pcb’s are all working properly when they leave the assembly line.

Potential problems of specialized circuit card assembly

A good reason you don’t wish to outsource the assembly of your project is to safeguard IP. For those who are doing some mystery project or the most up-to-date concept that will change something, you may want to keep that as secret as possible so in that case you could do the circuit card assembly on-site.

Additionally, there are cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is a must so you might not afford to wait a week for your circuit card to return from a specialized assembly line. If that’s the case it may make more sense to undertake the assembly on-site.

Charges are likewise a very important cause you possibly will not wish to go with a professional circuit card assembly house, particularly for smaller businesses or collectors. Prices for circuit card assembly services have decreased a lot during the past few years consequently this really is less of an issue now nevertheless you’ll not see many people sending their one off hobby projects to a circuit card assembly house.

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