PCB Assembly Specialist

Base material: FR4
Layer count: four
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Copper thickness: 1oz
Surface finish: HASL
Soldermask color: green
Dimensions: 130.4 x 149.46/2up

Capacitance: 42 pieces
Electric resistance: (0603) 45 pieces
LED lamp: six pieces
Video and interface unit: 20 pieces
Diode and triode: 30 pieces
IC: 20 pieces

Primary competitive advantages:

High-precision machine and equipment can guarantee quality X-ray, AOI, visual checking and function test confirm our delivery goods 100% past
Competitive price and short lead-time
Rich experience in importing and exporting


Expert electronic board assembly service made available by electronic board suppliers

electronic board suppliers

Advantages of pro electronic board assembly

For everybody who is pondering conducting the electronic board assembly in-house at a professional level you are eventually going to recognize the initial investment cost is extremely high. You need at the very least: one pick and place machine, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. Probably you likewise want other related equipment for examination work and hand soldering instruments. You will need workforce and expertise that could raise the investment cost substantially. Finally when you find there is very little ROI from this type of expenditure of money you will definitely quickly want to use outside agencies for the electronic board assembly service. Almost always delegating the electronic board assembly process to an outward supplier is generally more cost effective.

Plus there is the element of quality; a corporation specialized in electronic board assembly services will unquestionably have the specialist knowledge and staff members to make available great quality. They’ll also invest in their development by always having the latest technology so the customer gets all of the advantages of the latest assembly technologies. Chances are that you will hit a equipment related limitation doing in-house assembly if you can not upgrade the devices frequently, for instance, you might end-up in a condition where you cannot efficiently assembly the new BGA package for a brand-new processor.

Another possibility is the aspect of quality control. A reliable electronic board assembly factory may also have a strong well-established quality control service you could possibly make the most of by not being required to do the quality control in-house. Sure, you may want to do extra quality control measure in-house but it’s great to know at least the pcb’s are all running effectively when they depart from the assembly line.

The negative stuff of experienced electronic board assembly

A good reason you wouldn’t like to use outsourcing for the assembly of your project is to provide protection to intellectual property. For those who are focusing on some mystery project or the next generation concept that will change something, you need to definitely keep that as secret as possible so in that case you could possibly do the electronic board assembly in-house.

In addition there are cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is critical so you might not afford to wait a week for your electronic board to go back from a experienced assembly line. If that’s the case it might make more sense to perform the assembly in-house.

Cost is also a key reason you might not plan to pick a professional electronic board assembly house, particularly for small businesses or lovers. Expenditures for electronic board assembly services have lessened greatly during the past few years hence this is less of an issue today but still you will not see lots of buyers sending their one off hobby projects to a electronic board assembly house.

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