Prototype PCB Assembly Timelapse

Decided to throw a webcam on my workbench lamp and record a stop-motion of me assembling a new prototype.

The reflow went very smoothly – I used ChipQuik low temperature solder paste so I didn’t need to crank the temp up nearly as high. I need to work on my assembly workflow – grabbing each part one at a time is too tedious. Need one of those segmented plastic parts boxes, and to break everything out in advance…


Proficient circuit card assembly service provided by circuit card makers

circuit card makers

Primary advantages of pro circuit card assembly

For everybody who is making plans for carrying out the circuit card assembly in-house at a professional level you are easily going to find out the actual investment expense is extremely high. You absolutely need at the very least: one pick and place machine, one stencil printing machine and one reflow oven. Maybe you likewise want other related equipment for examination work and hand soldering tools. You’ll also need manpower and expertise which will elevate the investment cost noticeably. And then finally when you think about there is little ROI from such type of financial investment you will promptly prefer to use outsourcing for the circuit card assembly service. And in most cases delegating the circuit card assembly work to an third-party supplier is mostly less expensive.

Plus there is the facet of quality; a corporation specialized in circuit card assembly services will have the expertise and staff members to make available superior quality. They will also commit to their development by always having the most advanced technology to make certain that the customer gets all the benefits from the spanking new assembly technologies. It’s probable that you will hit a equipment related issue doing in-house assembly if you do not up-grade the devices often, as an example, you might end-up in a predicament in which you can’t efficiently assembly the most up-to-date BGA package for a brand-new processor.

Additionally there is the facet of quality control. A great circuit card assembly facility may also have a first-rate well-established quality control service that you could make use of by not having to do the quality control in-house. Yes, you might want to do an extra quality control step in-house but it’s good to know at any rate the pcb’s are all functioning the right way when they step out of the assembly line.

Shortcomings of expert circuit card assembly

One good reason you wouldn’t want to use outside agencies for the assembly of your project is to defend intellectual property. For anyone who is engaged on some mystery project or the next generation idea that will transform something, you must keep that as secret as possible so in that case you could possibly do the circuit card assembly internally.

You can also find cases when the turn-around time of a prototype is vital so you can not afford to wait one week for your circuit card to go back from a expert assembly line. In that case it might make more sense to perform the assembly on-site.

Expenditure is likewise a critical cause you might not plan to pick a professional circuit card assembly facility, especially for smaller businesses or fans. Prices for circuit card assembly services have lessened greatly in the last several years hence this really is less of an issue right now yet still you will not see a lot of people sending their one off hobby projects to a circuit card assembly facility.

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