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Episode 3 – PCB Assembly – Design for Manufacture Special: PCB Layout Best Practice

In this episode, Michael Charlesworth, Engineering Manager for Cogent Technology, brings an insight into PCB Layout Best Practice and how you can incorporate this in to your designs with the benefit of delivering an improved 1st time pass rate though AOI, reducing the need for rework, which in turn equates to lower manufacturing costs. source […]

MOKO PCB – Professional PCB & PCB Assembly Manufacturer in China Since 2001

Qualified and Dependable PCB & PCBA Producer in China http://www.mokotechnology.com/ As a leading PCB board manufacturer and PCB board assembly firm providing premium quality printed circuit board assy, we mostly center on PCB-Assembly & PCB manufacturing, and have our own PCB board production lines. We now have 25 years of electronic contract manufacturing expertise and […]

PCB Assembly Lines

source Proficient electronic circuit board assembly service provided by electronic circuit board makers Benefits of pro electronic circuit board assembly If you are wondering about performing the electronic circuit board assembly in-house at a professional level you are quickly going to learn the original investment expenditure is extremely high. You need at the very least: […]

Automated Optical Inspection Process (AOI) | PCB Assembly Tour

One of the most critical steps in the circuit board assembly process is the step of inspection. The inspection process is looking for defects in terms of: solder bridging, solder opens, missing components, reversed components or components that end up in the wrong location. This critical step has been revolutionized by the invention of Automated […]