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Prototype PCB Board Manufacturer Based in China

Gource visualization of Cyclone-PCB-Factory (https://github.com/carlosgs/Cyclone-PCB-Factory). Cyclone (Circuit Cloner) is a CNC mill intended for PCB manufacturing. Source Shenzhen MOKO Tech Ltd We Supply a Full Choice of PCB Selections in Order to Fit Your complete PCB Requires. Moko Tech Ltd founded in 2001, situated Shenzhen, China. is skilled in PCB board fabricating plus PCB board […]

MC PCB Board Manufacturing Unit Based in Asia

This is my first …. ok … my first successful try to mill a PCB with my own build CNC machine. I love this machine. You can find the Cyclone PCB Factory on github and reprap: http://reprap.org/wiki/Cyclone_PCB_Factory https://github.com/carlosgs/Cyclone-PCB-Factory The board design is from Johan von Konow: http://vonkonow.com/wordpress/2012/10/nanino-the-diy-friendly-arduino/ The board you see was rebuild in Eagle: […]