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3-in-1 combined process – jetting of solder paste and/or glue and SMD assembly by Essemtec HD

http://www.essemtec.com/products.asp?ArtNr=Paraquda This video shows how 3 process steps can be combined in one single machine – solder paste jetting, glue jet dispensing and pick-and-place. Essemtec’s award winning multifunctional SMT production center Paraquda is the ideal machine for rapid prototyping. Optimize time-to-market! Click here for more Information: http://www.essemtec.com/products.asp?ArtNr=Paraquda source Specialized PCB board assembly service presented by […]

PCB Assembly Lines

source Proficient electronic circuit board assembly service provided by electronic circuit board makers Benefits of pro electronic circuit board assembly If you are wondering about performing the electronic circuit board assembly in-house at a professional level you are quickly going to learn the original investment expenditure is extremely high. You need at the very least: […]