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PCB Lamination Process – Printed Circuit Board Lamination

http://www.PCBFabExpress.com – PCB Fab Express is your low-cost, quick turn PCB Manufacturer. With the lamination process, the different circuit layers that make up a board are put together to make the desired number of layers and the chosen thickness. Each job has pins around the perimeter to ensure proper registration. Various copper layers are joined […]

PCB Drilling Process – Printed Circuit Board Drilling

http://www.PCBFabExpress.com – PCB Fab Express is your complete resource for affordable, quick turn around Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing. In printed circuit board manufacturing, the drilling process is one of the most important processes. The drilled holes, which are also called vias, are what form the electrical connections from one layer of circuits to another. Drilling […]

PCB Plating Process – Printed Circuit Board Plating

http://www.PCBFabExpress.com – PCB Fab Express is your main source for low-cost, quick turn Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Plating is the process by which copper is deposited in the drilled holes, essentially making those holes become a hollow conductive wire. Once the boards are going through plating they must be tended to by a technician. The […]