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3DMS- PCB assembly 15/12/2010.mkv

At 3DMS, we have a complete setup for assembly of SMD as well as through hole components with highly competitive pricing and consistent quality. Geared up for volume SMD production, we have 20000 cph Yamaha pick & place machine, solder reflow oven, and semi-auto printer. source Professional circuit card assembly service presented by circuit card […]

Surface Mount Soldering 101

Instructions for Soldering and Desoldering SMDs featuring up-close shots of fine-pitch soldering. Recommended Products: chipquik removal kit, lead free: http://amzn.to/1Lrnbsq rma flux pen: http://amzn.to/1Xv7XJS paste flux pen (gel is easier sometimes): http://amzn.to/247j4NR hakko tip cleaner: http://amzn.to/1LrntzL lead-free solder: http://amzn.to/1omnbFD lead-free solder: smaller qty: http://amzn.to/1omnmRj tweezers: http://amzn.to/247jnrQ wick: http://amzn.to/247jrI8 10x magnifying loupe: http://amzn.to/1omnBvv solder paste syringe […]

Surface Mount PCB Toaster Oven soldering Tutorial

Surface mount soldering using a toaster oven is easier than you think. Thermal rise and fall curves are not that crucial for DIY surface mount soldering source Professional circuit card assembly service offered by circuit card manufacturers Primary advantages of professional circuit card assembly When you’re taking into consideration accomplishing the circuit card assembly in-house […]

How to make wave soldering machine for Throuth Hole PCB assembly

We design and manufacture auto insertion machines and SMT equipment, and provide spare parts support . We provide total solutions for LED lighting and SMT PCB assembly. We offer worldwide Installation and on site support and factory (machine and lighting assembly) training. 1. Visit our site! : www.smthelp.com 2. Connect with us: https://www.facebook.com/autoinsertion 3. Get […]

Essemtec – Cobra – High speed Pick and Place Product Video HD

Essemtec – Cobra – High speed Pick and Place Product Video HD http://www.essemtec.com/products.asp?ArtNr=Cobra Cobra is the world’s most modern SMT pick-and-place machine with an extraordinary large feeder capacity (240 intelligent feeders pickable from all four sides) – developed and manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest quality criteria. Cobra is the first SMT pick-and-place system […]

SMD LEDs hand assembly and soldering

Mounting and soldering process of smd LEDs and others components such as resistors, capacitors, QFN 6x6mm ics, etc. in a metal core PCB (MCPCB). A stencil is used to solder paste application. The LED module operates al 230V ac, 50Hz, 35W. source Pro PCB assembly service offered by PCB companies Benefits of specialist PCB assembly […]