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BEAUTIFUL! Micro Laser Soldering System – AWESOME! Cool Japan Technology

Twin Beams, Rectangular Beam, Micro Solder Wire Feeder, Temperature Control Unit, Comparison of performance between a temperature controller and a no temperature controller conditions, Chip Mounting Positioning, Laser Emission, Solder Cream Supply, … CostaExtranjero 3 years ago This technology would also make an excellent desoldering tool. For example one laser handpiece that would accept tips […]

Surface Mount PCB Toaster Oven soldering Tutorial

Surface mount soldering using a toaster oven is easier than you think. Thermal rise and fall curves are not that crucial for DIY surface mount soldering source Professional circuit card assembly service offered by circuit card manufacturers Primary advantages of professional circuit card assembly When you’re taking into consideration accomplishing the circuit card assembly in-house […]

DEK Horizon SMT PCB Screen Printer Accuracy & Repeatability Testing. 4TechUSA.com

If you require quality automation with warranties up to 5 years, or wish to sell machines give us a call (517) 521-2020 or email at 4TechUSA.com We are here to help ! If you like this video be sure to check out our video on the speedprint printer its much more impressive. 4Tech is a […]