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Home Automation Demo with Home Assistant, Raspberry Pi, LIFX, and More

This is a demo video of my home automation system that utilizes Home Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi. Connected devices include LIFX bulbs, WIFI cameras, Android devices (via Tasker), and a myriad of homemade ESP8266 devices. Most people think having a connected home or apartment is out of reach or very expensive. It isn’t […]

How to Set Up a Raspberry Pi Live Network Camera

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a premium IP camera when you can achieve basically the same result with a $25 Raspberry Pi and a USB webcam of your choice? In this video, I show you how to set up a simple IP camera from your Pi which can be accessed over your local LAN […]

Raspberry Pi IP Webcam Tutorial

This is my tutorial video for creating your own IP Camera using a USB Webcam and a Raspberry Pi in a few simple steps. Note: I am not showing you how to install Raspbian (the OS), but it is being used for this project. Also, by library, I mean package (I’ve been working with the […]